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2016/17 - English and Comparative Literature SSLC Rep

2017/18 - Mixed Hockey Charities and Welfare Officer

2017/18 - Literature Society Social Secretary

2018/19 - Mixed Hockey President

1) Tacking Sexual Violence

  • Lobby the university to permanently employ an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) and a sexual violence counsellor for comprehensive support.
  • Establish a clear process for reporting sexual violence and harrassment at the university.
  • Introduce support groups for survivors of sexual violence in the follow up to counselling to ensure support is continuous.
  • Expand the #wegetconsent campaign: training sessions, increased social media promotion and campaigns against unhealthy relationships and abuse.

2) Improving Wellbeing Services

  • Significantly reduce university counselling service waiting times.
  • More specific areas covered in mental health awareness campaign e.g. different conditions, tips on how to help friends and normalise conversations about mental health.
  • Working with DSO to better accommodate campus for people with visible and invisible disabilities.
  • Exam period: 'welfare rooms' for those who need a break while on campus all day (including napping facilities!), free easy recipe cards and lobby for departments to run 'exam help' sessions specific to their students.

3) Reforms for the Health Centre

  • Lobby with the Health Centre to provide blood tests.
  • Reduce or abolish the price of medical certificates.
  • Provide regular sexual health clinics.

4) Support everybody all year round

  • Welfare initiatives that continue into the holidays for those who stick around campus, e.g. international students and postgraduates.
  • Ensure welfare funding is allocated to EU Students post-Brexit.
  • Bring initiatives into Leamington and places where students live, such as Ask For Angela in bars and clubs, sexual health clinic pop-ups and welfare drop-in sessions.

5) Welfare Support in Clubs and Socs

  • Welfare Handbook provided to Welfare Officers with clearer definition of their roles, helpful information, and a campaigns calendar so that everyone can get involved.
  • Introduce a Welfare Forum so that clubs and societies can introduce their own initiatives and carry out student-led campaigns.
  • Work with Sports and Societies officers to improve inclusivity.

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Vote Mary #1 for Welfare and Campaigns



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