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SSLC Handbook

Dear SSLC Member,

This Handbook will provide you with an introduction to the Student-Staff Liaison Committee system and serve as a point of reference throughout the year. The Handbook is key to both understanding and fulfilling your role in this important network of student feedback and consultation. SSLCs need to use their dedicated page on the Portal to upload meeting minutes and agenda and to share information with the SSLC members.

The Course Representatives on SSLCs forms one of the major mechanisms in which the student body can express its opinions. SSLCs are student-led; training is provided for elected student Course Representatives at the beginning of the year with support from the SU throughout.

Commencing in September 2017, the University and Students’ Union have acted to further strengthen the system to ensure that students continue to have strong and appropriate representation within their department and Faculty, as well as within the wider University.

The success of the SSLC system and the enormous benefits it brings to students and to the University as a whole are a result of the joint efforts of student representatives and staff – we hope that your involvement will continue this fantastic tradition.

All the very best for the year ahead!

Contact Us

Maisie Hicklin, Academic Voice Co-ordinator (Undergraduate) - maisie.hicklin@warwicksu.com

Nathalie Key, Academic Voice Coordinator (Postgraduate) - nathalie.key@warwicksu.com

Chloe Batten, Education Officer - education@warwicksu.com

Ellie King, Postgraduate Officer - postgrads@warwicksu.com