School of Modern Languages and Cultures SSLC

Course Reps

BAML Fourth Year Rep

BAML Second Year Rep

BAML Third Year Rep

Erasmus Rep

French First Year Rep

French Second Year Rep

French Fourth Year Rep

German Studies First Year Rep

French with Chinese Rep

German Second Year Rep

German Year Abroad Rep

German Fourth Year Rep

Hispanic First Year Rep

Hispanic Second Year Rep

Hispanic Fourth Year Rep

French Year Abroad Rep

Italian First Year Rep

Italian Second Year Rep

Italian Third Year Rep

Italian Year Abroad Rep

Italian Fourth Year Rep

Hispanic Year Abroad Rep

Upcoming Meetings

    There are no upcoming meetings

    Minutes of Past Meetings

    • German Studies SSLC Sub-Committee Meeting 2, Term 1

      Thu 08 Dec 16:00


    • End of Term 1 Meeting (2)

      Thu 08 Dec 15:00