Life Sciences SSLC

Course Reps

Raksha Gohel
Hasan Choudhury

First Year Biochemistry Rep

First Year Biological Science Rep

Fourth Year Rep

Publicity Officer

First Year Biomedical Science Rep

GSD and Life Sciences Rep

Second Year Biomedical Science Rep

Second Year Biological Science Rep

Second Year Biochemistry Rep

Second Year Medical Microbiology and Virology Rep

Third Year Biomedical Science Rep

Third Year Biological Science Rep

Third Year Biochemistry Rep

Third Year Medical Microbiology and Virology Rep

Upcoming Meetings

    There are no upcoming meetings

    Minutes of Past Meetings

    • Life Science UG SSLC meeting 1

      Wed 25 Oct 13:00


    • SSLC meeting

      Wed 10 May 13:00


    • UG Life Sciences SSLC meeting

      Wed 08 Mar 13:00