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The Executive Committee of any Club or Society have responsibilities and obligations both to the members and in the way the Club is run.  Members have the right to expect the Club to be well organised, inclusive, to deliver on its core purpose, and to use its resources for their benefit.

The main requirements in terms of running a Club are covered in:

Execs are also responsible for ensuring that the Club is properly set up, registered, and its essential information logged with the SU:

Club events need to be properly planned and signed off:

Club Execs also have a responsibility to look after the welfare of their members - here are some signposting resources that may be of help:



There are a number of training opportunities throughout Term 1 as detailed below - for further information or to sign up please contact susie.cleverly@warwicksu.com.  All sessions will take place in MR2 in the SUHQ Building.

  • Mon 9th Oct - 10-10.45am - Running a Safe Welcoming Society/Club
  • Mon 9th Oct - 12.45-1.45pm - Charity Fundraising
  • Wed 11th Oct - 10-11am - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)
  • Wed 11th Oct - 11am-1pm - Against The Clock? (Maximising Your Time)
  • Wed 11th Oct - 1-2pm - Campsign Essentials
  • Thur 12th Oct - 11.30am-12.30pm - Writing An Effective Bid
  • Mon 16th Oct - 11.30am-1pm - Standing Your Ground (Assertiveness)
  • Mon 16th Oct - 2.30-7pm - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)
  • Wed 18th Oct - 1-4pm - Increasing Your Intercultural Awareness
  • Fri 20th Oct - 11-11.45am - Social Media: Make the Most of it for your Club
  • Fri 20th Oct - 12-1.30pm - Disclosure Referral training
  • Wed 25th Oct - 1-4pm - Increasing Your Intercultural Awareness
  • Fri 27th Oct - 10.30-11.15am - Social Media for Execs: Max It Out!
  • Fri 27th Oct - 2-3.30pm - Tips for Success in Campaigning
  • Wed 1st Nov - 1-4pm - Increasing Your Intercultural Awareness
  • Wed 8th Nov - 9am-12.30pm - Running an Inclusive Club: Got it Covered?
  • Wed 8th Nov - 1-2pm - Against The Clock? (Maximising Your Time)
  • Wed 15th Nov - 1-4pm - Increasing Your Intercultural Awareness
  • Thur 16th Nov - 9-11am - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)
  • Thur 16th Nov - 11am-12noon - Building Confidence to Work with Others
  • Fri 17th Nov - 11-11.45am - Social Media for Execs: Make the Most of It
  • Wed 22nd Nov - 1-4pm - Persuading & Influencing: Get Your Message Across
  • Thur 23rd Nov - 9-11am - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)
  • Thur 23rd Nov - 11am-1pm - Standing Your Ground (Assertiveness)
  • Wed 29th Nov - 1-4.30pm - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)
  • Thur 30th Nov - 11am-3.30pm - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)
  • Wed 6th Dec - 1-2pm - Understanding Your Personality Type and Using It!
  • Wed 6th Dec - 2-4pm - Drop-In Workshop (Running Your Club)

If you are interested in a different training or have a specific requirement for your Club, contact susie.cleverly@warwicksu.com to discuss these needs.

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