The Executive Committee of any Club or Society have responsibilities and obligations both to the members and in the way the Club is run.  Members have the right to expect the Club to be well organised, inclusive, to deliver on its core purpose, and to use its resources for their benefit.

The main requirements in terms of running a Club are covered in:

Execs are also responsible for ensuring that the Club is properly set up, registered, and its essential information logged with the SU:

Club events need to be properly planned and signed off:

Club Execs also have a responsibility to look after the welfare of their members - here are some signposting resources that may be of help:


We offer a range of training opportunities to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to run your Club successfully. If you’re interested in being more effective in your Exec Member role and making the process of running your Club as fun and engaging as it can be – training is for you!

Sessions will be delivered through a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions. This gives you the benefit of convenient training that fits around your schedule which you can access from the comfort of your home, as well as face-to-face, in-depth and personal sessions where you can interact with your trainer and ask questions.

There is a range of specific skills you stand to gain from engaging with Student Union training opportunities. For example, leadership skills, health & safety awareness, equality, diversity and inclusivity awareness, social media, and fundraising. Time you invest in training will benefit your develop in the short-term by giving you the confidence, skills and awareness necessary to get the most from your Club Exec membership, and will pay dividends in the long-term by enhancing your employability and boosting your CV.

Where Do I Start?

If you’re a Club President or Welfare Exec Member, you will be expected to complete the Club & Society Essential Skills online training course. This short online training will equip you with the basic knowledge of how to run a Club or Society successfully, and outlines where you should go for support.

In taking the Club & Society Essential Skills training, you will be informed on the following:

  • Setting annual goals

  • Support and training needs

  • Data protection

  • Duty of care and welfare

You can sign up for Club and Society Essential skills online by heading over to the web page below:

Club and Society Essential Skills

Rolling Workshops

Face-to-face workshops will be offered throughout the year that will benefit all Exec Members. They cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Exec Responsibilities

  • Finance

  • Communication & Marketing

  • Inclusivity

  • Member Welfare

  • Event planning

  • Intercultural Awareness

  • Charity Fundraising

  • Sponsorship

  • Social Media

Interested in signing up for a workshop? See below for details on specific workshops!

Club Exec Training: Monday 1 October 2018 Ramphal: 6-8pm

Prior signup not needed, but at least 3 Execs from each Club are required to attend. Topics to be covered are:

  • BUCS Captains

  • Treasurers

  • Transport

  • Events, Trips & Tours

  • Campaigns and Inclusivity

Calling All Exec Members: Intercultural Awareness

We deliver Intercultural Awareness training which is designed to benefit of all Society Exec members. Intercultural Awareness training is delivered through 3 workshops. Intercultural Awareness training is highly enjoyable, interactive and aims to develop your Intercultural skills and competence.

The first part of the intercultural training programme aims to help you develop your intercultural skills and competence through exploring cultural influences, attitudes and behaviours, and includes an intercultural simulation game. If you’re interested in seeking to understand, communicate and build effective relationships with those from different cultural backgrounds, this workshop is especially useful.

If you’re interested in signing up for Intercultural Awareness training, head over to the web page below:

Have Your Say Sessions!

Here at the SU, we’re obsessed with providing you, our members, with the best possible service. That means you telling us how we’re doing! This is your chance to give your feedback and voice your ideas on how we can make your life easier. The focus group is informal and will last an hour and 15minutes - in return for your time we’ll provide a £5 food and drinks voucher, and you’ll leave knowing your feedback will help us improve what we do for every student on campus!

Dates, times and locations of Have Your Say sessions are available on the signup link below:

Additional Resources:

In this section you can find training resources which may be useful for ongoing reference.