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The Student Activities Team

Student Activities Room, Level 2, SUHQ

Office hours are:

8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Thursday

8:30am - 3:30pm on Fridays

To ensure we are able to provide the advice & support you require, or to save you a journey, please email us in advance and arrange for a good time to come in.

Please include any relevant documentation or information.

Lloyd Clark (Sports Coordinator)

Lloyd is one of our two Sports Coordinators. Lloyd is responsible for non-BUCS sport administration which includes; event planning, coaches, kit, pre-season, accident reporting and non-BUCS finance.

02476 572782

Lydia Smith (Sports Coordinator)

Lydia is one of our two Sports Coordinators. Lydia is responsible for coordinating the BUCS programme at Warwick.

02476 522246

Claire Bullivant (Student Activities Coordinator)

Claire covers roles in both Sports and Societies. She is responsible for organising Sports transport and provides advice on trips and tours.

02476 522564

Gerard Henry (Student Activities Manager)

Gerard leads the team and provides advice on planning and preparing for all events, trips, tours, performances and balls, and health and safety and issues involving a degree of risk.

024 765 72811

Georgina Wood (Socieities Coordinator)


Georgina looks after Societies from the Academic, ReligiousPerformanceMusicCampaigningRAG and Charity/Action/Welfare categories.

She also manages Societies' Sponsorship, Balls and HEAR Reports.

02476 572818

Hannah Hough (Societies Coordinator)

Hannah looks after Societies in the Activities & Games, CulturalFood & Drink and Film & Media categories.

She also manages Conferences,  External Speakers, Societies Fair and Societies Awards.

02476 522232

Brian Wilson (Student Activities Transformation Manager)

As Student Activities Transformation Manager, Brian is reviewing and adapting the processes and procedures within Student Activities.