What is Societies Showcase Series?

The Societies Showcase Series, or Socs Showcase for short, is a campus-wide celebration of all the 250+ student societies at Warwick. It seeks to bring together the diverse range of societies we have on campus and exhibit the incredible things they get up to across the year. 

We are proud to have so many student-led societies here at Warwick, and that they comprise over 7,000 members encompassing a diverse range of interests and activities. Collectively, societies support the overall development of their members during their time at Warwick, help them gain new skills and put on fantastic events all through the year.

The Societies Showcase Series aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the activities of our Societies, providing a platform for greater levels of engagement across campus – including with staff, prospective students and members of the local community. With events planned for the full academic year that will showcase and celebrate society’s activities, there is something for everybody here at Warwick. 

Society of the Term

Winner of Term 1

Congratulations to Warwick Comdey, Warwick ChemSoc, and Warwick Tap for being named Societies of the Term for the previous term! We were very impressed with the great work these three societies have done for their members and the local community during the start of the academic year. These society will now be awarded funds specifically so they can spend on promoting their events to a wider range of students, staff and people in the local area.

I'd also like to thank all those who submitted their applications, you too have made amazing contributions to Warwick students. 

Term 2 Applications now open!:
Do you want the chance to win funds for your society to promote your events? Want to see your society logo on the screens across campus? Then apply to be the 'Society of the Term' for Term 2 now! Applications will close in week 1 of Term 3.




The Warwick International Cultural Festival

The International Cultural Festival is a celebration of diversity across campus. With the help of our societies, we hope to put together a show that will highlight the beauty of all the different cultures and languages we have here at Warwick.

Annual Society Awards