Society catch up

Each week we will be obtaining a small insight into the wonderful activities of one of our many Societies on campus. Societies - please contact the Societies Officer if you are interested in posting a blog and for more information.

  • Mon 09 Oct 2017 17:02


    Broadcasting out of SUHQ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with live shows until 11pm Monday to Saturday, RAW 1251AM is the award-winning student radio station here at Warwick SU.

    RAW prides itself on being as inclusive as we possibly can be and to ensure this we guarantee that any member who applies for a show will get one. The result of this is an incredible variety of shows with focuses on anything from specialist music, to news and politics, gameshows and the arts. We welcome show applications on any topic you’re passionate about and no matter how niche the subject, we will give you the opportunity to get it on air.

    Of course, having a show is not the only way to get involved in your student radio station. We have five on-air departments all of whom produce weekly shows on which any member can come along and join in the discussion as a panellist. Our departments are Music, Speech, Arts, News and Sport. Getting involved in these shows is exceptionally easy and requires no long term commitment. All you have to do is join the departmental Facebook groups or email our heads of department whose contacts can be found on the website. It’s a great way to get involved and meet the exec and make friends in the society.

    Our tech and production departments are also always on the lookout for willing volunteers to help out behind the scenes and RAW and keep the station the airwaves. Our tech department runs a whole host of servers which are maintained entirely by a team of students and is a great opportunity to get hands on experience in computer science and engineering. Moreover, RAW provides the chance to get involved in helping update and maintain several student-built websites that run everything we do.

    Joining RAW is also a great way of developing skills that will be valued by employers. Appearing on the Radio allows you to build your communication and presentation skills. Joining RAW however is not a solo experience and being part of RAW makes you part of a large, extended Warwick family where you can develop your teamwork and people skills. Being part of a radio station also provides opportunities to develop valuable skills that other aspects of university don’t. As well as learning how to edit audio and visual content, you’ll get the chance to get on the studio desks to mix audio and train on Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Audition and Premier Pro.

    In the past RAW has acted as the starting platform for a number of famous faces in the media including Stephen Merchant (co-creator of The Office), Simon Mayo (of BBC Radio 2), Ruth Jones (creator of Gavin and Stacey), Leona Graham (Absolute Radio), Abbie McCarthy & Ali Plumb (BBC Radio One) and rather more controversially, David Davis MP the Brexit Secretary.

    Not everything we do at RAW however comes from inside our studio in SUHQ. Throughout the year we produce a number of live broadcasts covering various aspects of campus life. We welcome all of our members to get involved in these events, learn the tech behind everything we do and meet new people. These events are a fantastic showcase of what can be achieved through RAW with annual live broadcasts from the Ricoh Arena covering the Varsity Rugby finale and the SU elections known as the Big Decision (of Big D within RAW).

    Finally, not everything we do at RAW is about radio. We love a good social too. With a wide range of both drinking and non-drinking socials we welcome everyone along and hope to see you at one soon. Our first big social of the year is Pop! Week 4 circling so bring your friends and come along to see the other side of RAW!

    If student radio sounds like your cup of tea, then either come along to our welcome meeting Thursday Week 2 at 5pm in L5, pop up to our office in SUHQ for a cup of tea or drop us a message on social media! We look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you to the RAW family.