Who to apply to and how

Let the Societies Officer Know

Please communicate with the Societies Officer BEFORE you approach any sponsor so they can check with the Marketing department to make sure you're not competing with them for the money! This would almost certainly damage your bid.

General Advice

Who you should contact when offering a sponsorship proposal varies. Think about the aspect of the business that is going to benefit most from involvement with your society, and then try to get in touch with someone responsible for that aspect of the business.

Approaching companies that have something in common with your society will give you a better chance of obtaining sponsorship, but don't feel constrained solely to companies of a certain field.

  • Graduate recruiters like getting involved in Students' Unions as it puts them in contact with potential employees.
  • Inside contacts within companies are often a good way to achieve sponsorship so ask your members if they know anyone who may be willing to sponsor you.
  • Local companies are often very interested in sponsoring local students as it helps them to get their name to as many people as possible.
  • Pubs and restaurants in Coventry and Leamington are often very interested in groups of people who can offer some custom and will also promote their name locally and amongst the University community. A good way to approach these is by agreeing certain dates where you will hold socials or dinners at their establishment.
  • A company who has been an active sponsor in the past should always be approached, if only to maintain a good working relationship that can be built on in the future.

You may find that some companies come back to you offering slightly less than you asked for, or they may come back and ask for something else in addition to what you've offered. Whether you take them up on these is up to you, just make sure that whatever you take you are still able to honour your proposal. You should also consider the possibility of offering smaller packages to multiple sponsors, though this may mean more legwork.