Financial Guidelines

The overarching principles regarding use of Society/Club funds are:

  • Funds must be used in line with the aims and objectives of the Society/Club as defined in their recognised and approved Constitution
  • Funds must be used in the interests of all members of the Society/Club
  • Funds may not be used in contravention of stated SU policy or in any fashion that has the potential to bring the Society/Club, the SU or the University into disrepute
  • Funds provided to the Society/Club in the form of grants or sponsorship must be used exclusively in line with the documented purpose for which they were provided
  • Society/Club Execs have a responsibility to their members to achieve best value for money in using Society/Club funds
  • Representatives of the SU have a responsibility to act on behalf of the Trustees in ensuring that Society/Club expenditures are reasonable and in line with SU policy

Procedural Pre-Requisites

In order to use Society/Club funds in relation to an event, the expenditure must be detailed in the Event Planning Pack relating to that event (see Event Planning Guide).  More general expenditure should be justified by reference to the Society/Club’s Constitution.