Election Quorum Calculator

Quorum is the minimum number of votes that have to be cast in order for the election to be valid. We don't think it's particularly democratic if a handful of people decide who your lead representatives are so quorum figures are outlined in the governing documents to make sure your Officers are legitimate.

The quorum for your club or society is based on the number of members you have, and can be calculated below. There is a minimum quorum of 5 for elections and 8 for changes to your club or society constitution.


If you have 100 members, 10 people must vote for an election to be valid.

Constitution Changes

If you have 100 members, 15 people must vote for the result to be valid.

How is this calculated?

Members Percentage for Election Election Contribution Percentage for Referendum Referendum Contribution
1-100 10 15
101-200 9 13.5
201-400 8 12
401-800 7 10.5
801-1600 6 9
1601+ 5 7.5