Event Ticketing Form

Once your event is planned, approved and set up you will need to arrange tickets so that people can attend.  Before this can be done you'll have to set up an Event page on the website - see the Publicity and Marketing page for details on how to do this.

Complete the online ticketing form below – you will need to specify whether there are multiple types of tickets (members and non-members, for example), the number of tickets you want to make available, the price(s), when you want the tickets to go on sale, when they should be taken off sale, and if you need purchasers to provide any information or make choices related to the event.

Don’t forget to allow time for enough people to buy their tickets!

Tickets will generally be set up the next working day after you submit the online form, but can take longer during busy periods – so try to give a few days’ notice.

Using the Sales Reports tool in your online admin resources you can track ticket sales and get a Purchasers report detailing who has bought tickets, and a Customisations report to see any data collected in response to any questions added to the ticket purchase process.

Is your event in the Copper Rooms

(*Please ask your treasurer for the code if you’re unsure, it should be in the following format, for example J14-X01-1831

There is a nominal charge of £0.10 per ticket sold through the outlet/website. Once your event has taken place, a corresponding amount will be deducted from the nominal code you have provided above.

Please sign below to show you accept this charge