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Annual Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment documents the Club/Society's executive committee's identification of any risks to members or the Club/Society as an organisation that might be encountered as part of its general running.

This does not cover any risks that might arise in connection with any Special Events that the Club/Society will hold, as these will be assessed separately as part of the event planning process. It should cover any risks associated with Standard Events (small-scale socials, meetings, etc).

It is compulsory for every Club and Society to submit a Club/Society-level Risk Assessment every academic year - the deadline for submitting for the coming academic year is the end of Term 3 Week 10.

What should an Annual Risk Assessment contain?

The Risk Assessment must identify the likely areas of risk to the SU, the Club/Society and its members, and outline the plan for mitigating the risks in order to reduce the likelihood of occurrence and/or the scale of harm that might result.

The following areas of potential risk would be a useful start point, though this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Conduct and safety at Club/Society meetings
  • Financial security
  • Social media and publicity
  • Manual handling
  • Use of electrical equipment
  • Environmental or nuisance noise
  • Members' welfare
  • Vehicle driving

Putting an Annual Risk Assessment together

The template for the Risk Assessment can be downloaded from this page of the SU website or can be provided by Student Activities – ask your Sports or Societies Coordinator for help if you’re uncertain of anything.

For each risk area you identify think about what action you can take to minimise the risk and/or the effect, and ensure that the action is well-communicated and adhered to.

Once complete email the form to or hand it in at the Resources Room in the SUHQ building.