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Key documents

Please see attached documents with information & guidance notes about making a claim for an injury sustained whilst engaging in a Club/Society activity or for insurance claims for Club/Society equipment.

If you wish to make a claim please let your Club/Society Coordinator know before filling out any forms.

What can I claim for?

  • For equipment insurance information please click here.
  • For personal injury insurance information please click here.

How do I make a claim?


Public Liability:

Please find here a copy of the Public Liability Insurance cover for Clubs and Societies, should you be required to show it as proof of cover. 

Clubs & Society Inventory & Insurance


Periodically, we have to provide insurers with details of society equipment, so we can make sure your activities are adequately insured.

If you have equipment that your Society owns, this must be included in your Societies handover pack during Term 2/3 before the new academic year. A copy of this should be sent to studentactivities@warwicksu.com.

Sports Clubs

The initial inventory list is included in your handover. If you buy any new equipment and want the list updated, please email your sports coordinator to let them know. 

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