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Charity Fundraising

Raising money for Charities in the UK is a really popular activity for Clubs & Societies.  Each year they organise some great fundraising initiatives to raise money for a range of charities.

As this activity is not fully supported by the Students’ Union staff, we are going to give you some guidance to ensure that your fundraising activity is fully compliant. 

  • If your club or society is running an event to fundraise for charity, you still need to follow the standard events planning process. You should plan to cover the costs of the event - you can then donate either a portion or the entirety of the profits to your agreed charity. 

  • If your club or society is partaking in an externally organised charity event, you do not need to submit an event planning pack. However, the student activities team does need to be aware of any society participation in external events. Please drop us an email with the details of the event and number of attendees to studentactivities@warwicksu.com

Where you can fundraise and what is required?

What fundraising activities are advisable & what is required?

  • Themed stalls with items that people can make donations for: Booking a space
  • Sponsored activities: Booking a space & possibly resources
  • Participate in RAG challenges: Contact the RAG Society

What are the key responsibilities for Clubs/Societies?

  • Check that your chosen charity is registered in the UK, and their paperwork is up to date. Search the Charity Register
  • Deposit any cash collections into the bank account for your chosen charity
  • Any fundraising is directly managed between yourself and the charity
  • Contact your chosen charity to request materials such as promotional materials and buckets for cash collections

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  • Can we donate part of the ticket income collected from events to their chosen charity?
    If a ticketed event is not organised primarily as a fundraiser, but you wish to add a charitable donation to the price of the ticket, an option to buy the ticket without making a donation must be available. Please note the following:

1. Advertise the event as a fundraising event, so attendees are aware some of their money is going to charity

2. State which proportion of funds are going to the chosen charity

  • Do you advise us to organise Bake sales?
    We encourage you to consider more innovative methods of fundraising than bake sales, which consistently see the lowest fundraising totals for fundraising events. Due to health and safety issues, primarily relating to allergens, NO homemade food & drink products should be offered as part of your fundraising activities
  • What do we need to consider if there will be alcohol?
    Fundraising activities should not take place where you can reasonably expect those engaged by them to be of diminished capacity e.g. under the influence of alcohol.
Can we recoup our expenses?
Yes, from the money that you have collected, but you must deduct your expenses before making the donation to the charity.
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