Important Changes to Transport

Self-Drive Transport for Clubs and Societies

A number of Clubs and Societies use self-drive transport booked through the Students’ Union. These bookings are made through the SU rather than directly by the driver owing to the restrictions most hire companies put on the driver age, generally insisting the driver is over 25 years old.

When booking these vehicles insurance is covered through a University Insurance policy. Last year the damage excess on this policy was a £1,000 and also dependent on the level of work required there was an uninsurable cost for loss of use of the vehicle whilst repairs were carried out, this normally came to approximately another £1,000.

Last year the total amount of damage covered by Clubs, Societies and on occasions where there was a lack of funds to cover the costs, the SU was approximately £25,000

We have been informed that the excess has now been increased to £2,000. This means that for all but the most minor scratches and dents the cost of each accident to the Club or Society that booked the vehicle would be £3,000.

This is an unsustainable cost and would lead to the closure of many Clubs and Societies if they had an accident. The SU does not have the funds to cover these costs if they could not be met by the Club or Society.

Unfortunately this leaves us in the position of no longer being able to book or authorise self-drive vehicles for Club and Society activity.

We are exploring options of 15, 20 & 30 seater vehicles hired with a driver. Whilst these costs are higher than self-drive the accident liabilities no longer sit with the Clubs and Societies. This alongside the increased usage of public transport, the coaches we already book for multiple groups travelling to a destination and the option of members with their own vehicles and claiming expenses back from their Club or Society are the four options we believe are available.

We recognise that this will cause problems for some Clubs and Societies with their activities and are happy to meet with any group to try to assist in overcoming these difficulties


Transport Forms

  • Coach Hire Transport Hire Form - If you are requiring an externally driven coach/minibus to take your club to your destination.
  • Mileage Form - if you are driving a personal vehicle, this can be attached to a money request form as evidence to claim fuel costs.

All of these documents must be handed into

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