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Charity Fundraising

Please be aware that you should be providing at least 7 days' notice of any fundraising activity.

If you are fundraising for charity as part of an SU club or society, you must submit your fundraising plans by following the process below. Please contact Warwick RAG if you would like support with your fundraising.
If you are fundraising as an individual, you do not need to submit your fundraising plans to the SU. Please contact Warwick RAG if you would like support with your fundraising.

Charity Fundraising Process for SU Clubs & Societies

  1. Choose a UK registered charity to fundraise for. They must be registered with the UK Charity Commission or Scottish Charity Regulator, with up-to-date paperwork.
  2. Come up with an innovative way to raise money for your chosen charity.
  3. Submit your fundraising plans online, at least 7 days in advance.
  4. The SU will contact you with any questions, and work with you to approve your event. You must not publicise or carry out any fundraising until you have received SU approval.
  5. If your fundraising activity involves using club or society funds, or includes an element of risk, you may also have to complete an event planning pack. Contact your club or society coordinator to find out more.
  6. Once your event is approved, start advertising it!
  7. On the week of the event, collect any charity collection buckets you have requested from SU HQ Reception.
  8. Carry out your fundraising activity!
  9. After your fundraising activity, count any cash collections you have made.
  10. Recoup any expenses incurred whilst carrying out your fundraising. Due to charity law restrictions you must not donate any club/society funds to charity.
  11. If you have any cash to donate, contact your chosen charity to request their banking details (account number & sort code).
  12. Pay any cash donations to your chosen charity.*
  13. Return any SU charity collection buckets you borrowed.
  14. Tell us how much you raised!

*You can pay in cash donations via the Post Office in Rootes Grocery Store. You will need to sort any coins into plastic coin bags (available for free from the Post Office) in advance. Alternatively, you can visit a branch of the bank your chosen charity banks with.

Be aware that charity fundraising is a regulated activity and charities need to comply with guidance issued by the Fundraising Regulator. Any fundraising undertaken on behalf of the charity that does not comply with the regulations could bring the charity into disrepute and face sanctions with regard to their future fundraising activity from the Charities Commission and reputational damage to its public perception that could impact on the charities future financial position.

Bake Sales

We encourage you to consider more innovative methods of fundraising than bake sales, which consistent see the lowest fundraising totals for fundraising events.

Due to health and safety issues, primarily relating to allergens, NO homemade food & drink products should be offered as part of your fundraising activities. Bake sales must be comprised of store-bought goods where the contents of items sold can be checked by the person buying them. This applies to both on-campus and off-campus activities.

Fundraising & Alcohol/Diminished Capacity

Fundraising activities should not take place where you can reasonably expect those engaged by them to be of diminished capacity e.g. drunk. In particular, fundraising activities should not take place during circling.

Charity Event Ticketing

If you are selling tickets to your charity event, you should follow the usual process in the event planning section of the exec resources, stating the amount going to charity. After the event, you will need to raise a money request for the donation to be paid out to your chosen charity.

Remember charity giving should always be open and transparent and anyone attending an event that has as part of its purpose the aim of raising money for charity should be fully aware of the fact when you publicise the event. If a ticketed event is not organised primarily as a fundraiser, but you wish to add a charitable donation to the price of the ticket, an option to buy the ticket without making a donation must be available.

For example, if inflating the price of a £6 coach ticket to a party night to £8 with a donation of £2 to charity, there should be an option to buy a with-donation ticket price of £8 and a without-donation ticket price of £6.

Cash Donations

To ensure money raised on behalf of charities is kept separate from club and society funds, cash collections should wherever possible be deposited with the charity using the Post Office in the Rootes Building or a branch of your chosen charity's bankers. You will need to bag coinage to be deposited at the Post Office. Coinage bags can be requested directly from the Post Office.

Booking Spaces

If you wish to use a union or university space for your events, you will need permission to do so. Please give as much notice as possible.

In the SU Atrium

If you would like to hold your event in the SU Atrium, you should contact the SU's Central Admin team to book the space, on

Piazza or surrounding spaces

If you would like to hold your event on the Piazza or surrounding spaces, you will need to complete this form for approval by Warwick Retail. Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance, and will not be approved for any event involving the sale, or giving away, of food or drink.

Outside the Library

If you would like to hold your event outside the Library or in the surrounding spaces, you will need to complete this form for approval by Warwick Retail. Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance.

University buildings

If you would like to hold your event within a university building, you will need to contact whoever facilitates that space. The Union is not able to do this on your behalf.

Charity Fundraising Support

If you would like any further guidance, contact or speak to your society or sports coordinator. Warwick RAG are also available for fundraising support and guidance.