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Referenda Case

All Student Vote (Spring 2024)

Protect Angels in Pop!

 This motion is to protect the playing of Angels in Pop!

The Union Notes: 

1.      Angels has been a prominent selling point and feature of Pop for many years including previously featuring as a hashtag in SU publications about Pop (source: 

2.      Staff at the SU have decided that Angels is no longer to be played at the end of Pop. 

3.      If this motion passes it would become SU policy for three years, protecting Angels for the next generation of Warwick students. 

4.      The protests and actions of Sports and Societies clubs in Week 10 were commendable. 

The Union Believes: 

1. Angels by Robbie Williams should be played at the end of every Pop! to close it out. 

2. Angels should be given our protection, our love, and our affection. 

The Union Resolves: 

1. The SU Commercial & Student Activities team resolves to ensure that the original version of Angels by Robbie Williams is played at the end of every Pop! (or any other Wednesday club night which may replace it) at a volume comparable to previous songs from the set and for its full duration as the final song of the night.