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Referenda Case

All Student Vote (Spring 2024)

Warwick SU to support the return of cash on campus

This motion is about restoring cash as a form of payment in Union and University outlets. 

1. That the University of Warwick has operated as a cashless university since 18th March 2021 (source the Equality Screening Form for the cashless policy, completed 2nd July 2021 and made public following a Freedom of Information Request) 
2. That cash payment has not been accepted at University-operated outlets from that date onwards. 
3. That numerous concerns have been raised by individuals and student groups, including, but not limited to, former and current Student Union Officers (both part and full time), Autism at Warwick, international student groups and Warwick Enable. 
4. That the University is currently implementing a number of changes to the Warwick Retail offering, as well as to the policies that underpin this. 
5. That several alternative solutions, such as a voucher scheme (where students exchange an amount of cash for a physical voucher) are offered in the same form referenced above, along with a pledge to consider these on a "case by case basis". 
The Union Believes: 

1. Not allowing cash payments is actively exclusionary to those who need to pay with cash. The Equality Screening Form itself is incredibly selective with the examples it chooses, and ignores the possibility of intersecting disabilities. It does not consider, for example, a person who has disabilities that impact hearing and sight, preventing them from hearing the "audible" instructions on checkouts. 
In extension, this form seems only to have been written from the perspective of Rootes Grocery Store, which is equipped with these tills. All other university outlets do not have these. 
2. Offering a voucher scheme "issued in exchange for cash" is not a viable alternative when the form also states that going cashless is a benefit to reduce the costs of operating a cash handling service or tender for third-party service providers - this determination to avoid paying extra costs has been confirmed by conversations with staff. 
3. Since the University is currently implementing changes to various Retail-related policies, now is an opportune time to explore this possibility, and the Student's Union must be a part of those conversations. 
The Union Resolves: 

1. To mandate that the Vice President for Democracy and Development, working alongside any relevant student groups, Student's Union forums and Part Time Officers as needed (most notably the Disabled Students' Officer and the Environment and Ethics Officer), (in order to avoid overburdening any individual or group) to continue lobbying the university for the return of cash payments across Warwick Retail and university outlets 
2. To mandate that the Student's Union as an institution retains a commitment to offering cash payment at all SU outlets.