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The Students’ Union is the focal point of campus life here at Warwick, but what exactly is it that makes your Union so unique? Here are a few basic facts about who we are and what we do…

Referenda Case

All Student Vote (Autumn 2022)

Mitigating the impacts of strike action on students

This motion asks for specific actions for the SU to deliver on to mitigate the impact of strikes on students 

This Union Notes:


This section should include any facts, figures or statements that you believe are relevant to the topic of your policy. Remember in this section clear and effective referencing is important.


1.       The University and College Union voted on the 24th October 2022 to take strike action.[1]

2.       Strike action is likely to occur this academic term.[2]

3.       Strike action will result in teaching being cancelled and staff not being available for students to access.

4.       International PhD students have to report to the Home Office that they have had a meeting with their supervisor at least once a month



This Union Believes:


This section should include opinions or supporting statements for your policy.


1.       That regardless of whether Warwick SU supports the UCU strikes or not, students should be given support so that they can best manage the period of strikes and its aftermath.

2.       That the dispute is between some University staff and University management, and therefore the effects on students should be mitigated as much as possible, in line with the SU’s position.

3.       This motion does not demonstrate a position on strikes.

4.       If strike action means that International PhD students cannot meet with their supervisor, then this puts their immigration status in jeopardy.


This Union Resolves:


This section should be about how you want the SU to react, the outcome of this policy. Remember to mandate specific departments/sabbatical officers; this will make things easier for future accountability



1.       To mandate the President, VP Education and VP Postgraduate to lobby University departments for more exam questions in all 2022/23 exams where the content will have been affected by the period of strikes.

2.       To mandate the President, VP Education, VP Postgraduate and both EU and Non-EU International Student Officers to lobby for extended office hours after the period of strikes so that students, particularly international PhD students, can see their supervisors and lecturers.

3.       To mandate the President, VP Education and VP Postgraduate to lobby for a universal policy that no assignment can be due in unless there has been a week’s worth of teaching beforehand.

4.       To mandate the President, VP Education and VP Postgraduate to campaign for a self-certification for every working week that is affected by the strikes.

5.       To mandate Faculty, Department and Course Representatives to communicate these campaigns and lobbying efforts to students and any subsequent wins.