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The Students’ Union is the focal point of campus life here at Warwick, but what exactly is it that makes your Union so unique? Here are a few basic facts about who we are and what we do…

Referenda Case

All Student Vote (Autumn 2022)

Suspension of parking charges for specific groups of students and staff for 12 months

This motion asks for the University to suspend charges to parking for 12 months to specific students and staff

This Union Notes:


  1. The cost of living is impacting everyone but I would like to request that parking charges be suspended for 12 months to allow financial normality to return.[1]


  1. As parking is an income generator for the university I would like to propose that this suspension is for students with disabilities and parents with small children who attend the university nursery or after schools facilities.[2]



  1. The added extra cost of parking is impacting not only financial constraints but also making it difficult for the more vulnerable student and staff population.[3]


This Union Believes:


  1. £7 a day or £35 per week is a large amount to be paying out over the period of study or work.


  1. Winter is upon us and many people are struggling to decide if they can afford to turn their heating on. The impact of parking should not impact their attendance at the university



  1. A temporary suspension would look positive for the university and the union. A suspension of 12 months gives sufficient time to review any changes that may be required later.



This Union Resolves:


  1. Approach the University directly offering these terms.


  1. Students or staff who fall under these proposals must identify their entitlement and have a badge displayed in their vehicle window. These passes could be distributed via the front desk and Senate House


  1. As the university has already identified the pending financial pressures by allowing grants to be given this benefit would not only assist and aid the most financially vulnerable students but would also assist their own staff.