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The Students’ Union is the focal point of campus life here at Warwick, but what exactly is it that makes your Union so unique? Here are a few basic facts about who we are and what we do…

Referenda Case

All Student Vote (Autumn 2021)

Make Circling Great Again

This motion mandates the DDO and the SU commercial team to lobby the University to re-open Bar Fusion and surrounding areas in the Rootes building as Circling spaces during POP and Skool Dayz events. 

Make Circling Great Again


This Union Notes: 


This section should include any facts, figures or statements that you believe are relevant to the topic of your policy. Remember in this section clear and effective referencing is important. 


  1. That Circling is a much-loved Warwick tradition and forms a core part of the Warwick student experience.1 

  1. That Circling was unable to take place last year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  

  1. That you are currently only able to purchase three pints of purple at a time from the bar in the Copper Rooms. 2 

  1. That Bar Fusion and its surrounding function rooms has previously been a popular Circling venue but has been unavailable for circling this year.  

  1. That Circling allocations were conducted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis for Term 1 and many societies and clubs were left without SU Circling space. 3 

  1. That the SU has recently opened ‘The Green Room’. 4 




This Union Believes: 


This section should include opinions or supporting statements for your policy.  


  1. That Circling is not as good as it once was and should be returned to its former glory. 

  1. That Circling space allocations were conducted unfairly this term and in future should not be done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

  1. That there should not be a limit to the number of pints an individual can purchase in one transaction.  

  1. That more Circling space should be made available.  



This Union Resolves: 


This section should be about how you want the SU to react, the outcome of this policy. Remember to mandate specific departments/sabbatical officers; this will make things easier for future accountability 


  1. To mandate the DDO and the SU Commercial Team to lobby the university to re-open Bar Fusion and surrounding areas in the Rootes Building as Circling space during POP and Skool Dayz events.  

  1. To mandate the Societies and Sports Officers to set up a ‘Social Secretary Mentorship Scheme’ where experienced Social Secretaries can mentor and coach less experienced Social Secretaries in how to run better Circles.