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Referenda Case

All Student Vote (Spring 2021)

Warwick SU stops the A46 road

This Union Notes:


  1. The SU, University and local authorities have all recently declared a ‘Climate Emergency’, with the University pledging to “develop sustainable transport”.[1]
  2. The University has invested considerably in autonomous transport, providing a zero-emission alternative to private cars.[2]
  3. Air Quality in Coventry continues to degrade, with links to at least 160 deaths.[3]
  4. The construction of any new road has been empirically proven to induce demand, resulting in greater numbers of vehicles using the road.[4]
  5. Coventry Council has itself admitted junction upgrades and new link roads will not lead to improved journey times by car.[5]


This Union Believes:


  1. The construction of a new road fundamentally conflicts with a ‘Climate Emergency’ declaration and targets for zero emissions by 2050.
  2. Even if any new road were to be used by 100% electric vehicles, their lifetime emissions cost would still be far higher than other forms of transport.[6]
  3. The construction of an ‘A46 Link Road’ will only serve to destroy our dwindling ancient woodlands and further pollute the air we breathe.
  4. The new A46 road will increase traffic levels, slowing buses and journeys for students.


This Union Resolves:


  1. For the President/DDO to work with the Provost and Director of University Estates to oppose the construction of this road on University owned land.
  2. For the DDO/Environment Officer to inform students of the dangers of this scheme and promote the consultation urgently, which closes on the 14th Feb 2021[7].
  3. For the President/DDO to contact local councillors and MPs to inform them of the student body’s opposition to this new road.
  4. For the President/DDO to raise this matter at the University Estates committee and ensure any relevant minutes are published for public viewing.

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