All Student Vote (Autumn 2023)

Plant-based Warwick to tackle the climate crisis: for a just transition - The 'For' case

Given the climate and ecological emergency, universities have a responsibility to act on the climate research they are leading. We only have 7 years to avoid a rise in 1.5°C which would be catastrophic for humans and the environment. We are asking the University to act upon the climate research that it is leading, and the SU to hold them accountable.


 1.) Animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions globally, alongside fossil fuels & transportation. 

2 ) The industry is grossly resource inefficient: It accounts for only 18% of global calories, yet uses 83% of global farmland. With a global plant-based transition, we can free up 76% of global farmland and free up 51% of land in the UK for rewinding & carbon drawdown. 

3)Addressing cost of living is integral to our motion. In advance of the ASV, we are working constructively with university staff to lower costs for students and ensure accessibility – supported by empirical data and operational know-how from universities across the UK. According to a research study by the Oxford Martin School, in high-income countries, plant-based diets were the most affordable and reduced food costs by up to one third. SU outlet prices must reflect this. All surcharges on plant-based and sustainable options must end.