Spring Election (2020)

Your Students’ Union is student-led meaning that we put you in charge of deciding, and becoming, your future student leaders. This could be leading your group, class or even the whole Union so Make Your Mark and see who will lead the next chapter of the student experience at Warwick. This election is specifically to elect your next Student Officers. This includes the Sabbatical Officers, Part-Time Officers and Faculty Reps.

22 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Monday 13 January 2020 (in 5 weeks and 0 days)

The polls open at 12:00 on Monday 24 February 2020 (in 11 weeks and 0 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.


Spring Elections 2020 – coming soon!

Tue 03 Dec 2019

Make your mark and lead the next chapter of the student experience at Warwick.

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Tue 19 Nov 2019

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Relive those halcyon, carefree days of Welcome Week with us in Term 2 as we bring back the sights and sounds which made up the best week of your life!

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Mon 11 Nov 2019

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