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Please log in at Click here to finalise your opt-out to enter your name and student ID number on the webform and ensure that you don’t receive any future communications about the NSS from emails from Ipsos MORI or the University.

Please note: we recommend that you select the option which says “Remove me from University/department email requests to complete the NSS”. If you select the other option, you will still be contacted by your department and asked to fill out the NSS – which is a bit of a sneaky move from the University that obviously defeats the entire purpose!


Have you filled in the 2017 NSS?

Why boycott the NSS?

  • The government is set to implement their so-called ‘Teaching Excellence Framework’ (TEF) - a contentious system which will measure and rank universities based on flawed data assessing the “quality” of teaching.
  • The problem is that the metrics which will be used to assess universities (including data from the NSS) have virtually nothing to do with quality of teaching, and so the TEF will paint a completely inaccurate picture of many institutions - including Warwick.
  • Not only this, but TEF results will be used to allow universities to raise their tuition fees even further beyond the current cap.
  • However, in order to make this system work, the government is relying on students to fill in the NSS which will form a core part of the TEF.
  • By boycotting the NSS, students have the power to disrupt the TEF, to stop tuition fees going up and to stop their degrees being devalued.
  • By taking part in this campaign, you will be joining thousands of students from universities across the country who will be doing the same!

*Ipsos MORI is a market research agency which runs the National Student Survey on behalf of the Funding Councils.

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Don’t devalue your degree. Throw Higher Education a lifeline: BOYCOTT THE NSS today!

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