The Membership API

The membership API allows you to secure your own website by validating that members of your club, society or other organsiation are who they say they are.

You can use the API to perform two functions:

  1. Get a list of all of your members, with details such as email address & student ID number
  2. Check that a person is currently a valid member of your organisation

The API relies on keys to interact with the data

Firstly your organisation must generate a key. You can do this easily by clicking on the Membership API icon in your exec tools.

Each member that wants to validate themselves on your website must then generate their own key that is unique to their membership of the organisation. The tool to do this will appear on your page as soon as your organisation key has been created.


Now the hard part

To utilise these keys in the API your website needs to interface with the API in a specific way, namely via a REST interface.

The URLs for this interface are{organisation_key}/{organisation_key}/{person_key}/

A basic example of using the API in classic ASP code can be found at

If you would like further instructions or would like to help in developing the API and suitable documentation for PHP or other languages then please email