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Date: 21st June 2018

Location: Ramphal Building

Contact email for queries: postgrads@warwicksu.com

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Warwick IPC (Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference)

Led by Warwick Students’ Union, and bringing together departments from across the SU and the University of Warwick, the Warwick Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference (IPC) provides an academically rigorous but welcoming environment for all postgraduates to share their research across disciplines. It’s a platform for innovation in form and structure, showcasing Warwick’s Postgraduate community.

The inaugural Warwick IPC will be held in the Ramphal Building on 21st June 2018. All tickets are free of charge.

Conference Schedule

Download the Warwick IPC Programme






Welcome and Keynote – Nese Tosun

Session 1



Branding, Big Data, and Cultural Industries

  • Emotional contagion in Bitcoin Blockchain expansion: A sentiment analysis of social media networks 

  • Bridging Brand Positioning and Customer Journey Maps: A Caribbean Jazz Festival Experience 

  • What Impact Does the Growth of Big Data Have on the Media and Creative Industries? 


History, Trauma, and Resistance

  • From Combatants to Civilians: The Role of Croatian Defenders in Post-Conflict Croatia (1995-2017)

  • Eighteenth-century Caribbean Colonial Medicine: race and resistance




Session 2



Workshop: Exploring the role of creative learning in motivating Chinese college students learning English


Workshop: Interdisciplinarity Mapping





MA in Writing Anthology Presentation– From Practice to Professional: Manifesting a Career



Roundtable Discussion

Session 3



Questions of the Academic Discipline

  • Researching Creative Industries: Limitations, Challenges and Hopes for the Future

  • Populism as a new addition to the Grammar of Politics and Performance: Fleshing out the stylistic approach to populism

  • Sir William Jones's Persian Grammar and the Academic Disciplinary Tradition


Innovation and Transformation

  • On the quest for the ideal sunscreen: how can lasers help?

  • Nuclear weapons modernization and precision: explaining the B61-12 Life Extension Program

  • Say on Pay and Executive Compensation




Session 4



Regional Developmental Challenges

  • Kiyma Canina: A Culturally Sensitive Online Self-Help Course for Turkish Migrants with Suicidal Thoughts in the UK and the Netherlands.

  • A Model Organisational Structure for National Cybersecurity Coordination in Kenya.

  • The Telco Digital Revolution in ASEAN Region


Value Shifts

  • Revisiting Questions of Quality: Television and the Value of the Cinematic

  • How ideology changes the contemporary cultural values in modern China: From presenting humility to avoiding humility

  • An analysis of the International Symbol for Access by People with Disabilities



Conference Conclusion



Drinks in Terrace Bar 


Keynote Speaker

Dr Nese Ceren Tosun       Image of keynote speaker, Nese Tosun

Nese's interdisciplinary research on food, performance, and migration currently focuses on à la Turca foodscapes in London. Home is where you make food happen, she claims. She teaches creative criticality to law and business students at Warwick Business School, explores the possibilities of a food pedagogy as IAS/IATL Teaching Fellow and builds bridges between academic work and various publics as Impact Officer for the AHRC-funded Sensing the City Project at the University of Warwick's Theatre Studies Department. 


Call for Papers: 

***DEADLINE EXTENDED: 13th May at 12noon***

Warwick SU is proud to launch a unique, new interdisciplinary conference of postgraduate research, open to postgraduates from all disciplines and levels of study.

The inaugural Warwick IPC aims to offer Warwick postgraduates a multi-form space for disseminating research across disciplines. This conference is a space for traditional papers and panels, but also a site of dramatic, artistic, musical, and interactive explorations of research.

The theme for 2018 Warwick IPC is, as with the University of Warwick’s ICUR conference, “current research issues in your area of study”. Research in its early stages is as welcome as research that has been underway for several years. We will consider the stage of research and methodology, as well as theme, in putting together a varied and vibrant programme.

Proposals of presentations of 15 minutes, creative displays of research up to 30 minutes, and workshops of up to an hour are invited. Panel proposals, of three or more panellists, are also accepted.

Please send your application to warwickipc@warwicksu.com, containing:

  • Name, level of study, and department

  • Your Warwick email address

  • A proposal of 500 words

  • Any equipment or space requirements for your presentation (e.g. space for a sculpture, seating arrangement, music stands)

The deadline for applications has been extended to 13th May at 12noon.

All tickets for the Warwick IPC are free of charge.

Audience registration will open in May 2018.