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Occasionally, students may suffer a financial crisis and find it hard to pay their bills or buy food. These situations can occur for a variety of reasons, and so foodbanks work closely with frontline professionals to identify individuals in need of help by using a voucher referral system.

In order to get help from a foodbank, you will need to be referred with a voucher. The SU Advice Centre is a referral agent for both Coventry and Warwick District foodbanks, and will be able to offer you help and advice about your situation (and, if necessary, provide you with a voucher for the relevant foodbank).

A foodbank offers a safe, non-judgmental environment, where trained volunteers will provide a listening ear while your food parcel is prepared.

A parcel consists of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable tinned and dried foods, which provides at least 3 days of healthy, balanced meals for individuals and families. Parcels can be assembled to accommodate most students’ requirements.

If you need help accessing a foodbank, please contact the SU Advice Centre for an appointment.