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Housing FAQs

Your housing journey as a student can be overwhelming and can often seem complicated. Here at the WSU Advice Centre, we are here to help you navigate through this journey and understand your rights as a tenant.

We have put together some frequently asked questions below. We also have a range of self-help resources which you can see here.

To speak with an Advisor, please submit an enquiry form.

Is there really a rush to sign for accommodation for the next academic year?

It’s really important not to rush into signing for a property. A tenancy agreement is legally binding and once you have signed it, it is hard to be released from the contractual agreement and you will be liable for the rent payments until you are released.

There is more accommodation than there are students and it is unlikely you will struggle to find accommodation. Always make sure you have your tenancy agreement checked by an Advisor so you fully understand what you are signing. The landlord should allow you reasonable time to read over the agreement.

Where can I look for accommodation?

The places we typically signpost students to look for accommodation are:

  • The University Accommodation Services – The University have a range of on campus accommodation available for new and returning students. You can see more information here.

  • StudentPad – StudentPad is the University’s approved student housing portal that students can use to search for private housing. You can access this here.

  • Housemates wanted forum – Students who are looking for someone to take over their accommodation post adverts on the Housemates wanted forum. You can look at available adverts here.

  • Rightmove – If you wish to search for housing in the private sector, you can use online search engines such as Rightmove.

Check Rate Your Landlord to see what previous tenants had to say about their experience with agents and landlords within the local area’

I have been sent a draft tenancy agreement, can I get someone to check it before I sign it?

Our Advisors are happy to read over any tenancy agreements before you sign and we would strongly encourage you to get in touch so we can advise and make sure the agreement is lawful. Please attach the tenancy agreement to your enquiry form and an Advisor will get back to you within 2 working days.

My landlord has asked for a holding deposit, what is this?

A holding deposit is a sum of money paid to put a property on hold whilst referencing and right to rent checks take place. A landlord can only charge 1 weeks worth of rent as a holding deposit and, if you sign for the property, the holding deposit must go towards the security deposit. It is important to note that if the landlord withdraws you will be refunded the holding deposit, but if you withdraw or fail referencing, you will not be refunded.

I have been asked to pay a deposit, what is this?

A deposit is a sum of money paid at the start of the tenancy to safeguard the landlord from any damages or unpaid rent. This is capped at 5 weeks worth of rent. By law, it has to be protected in one of the following government approved schemes;

  1. Deposit Protection Service
  2. Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  3. MyDeposits

By law, you should receive written confirmation (normally via email) that your deposit has been protected in one of these schemes within 30 working days.

If there are no charges for damages or unpaid rent, the full deposit will be refunded at the end of the tenancy. If there are any charges the landlord proposes, it will be deducted from the deposit. If you disagree with any deductions, you can challenge it through the deposit protection scheme.

I have signed a tenancy agreement, can I get out of it?

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document which means you are bound to the agreement once you sign it. It is very difficult to terminate a tenancy agreement early as you will need either permission from the landlord or, most likely, to find a replacement tenant.

If you are experiencing issues that mean you are unable to go through with a tenancy, please contact the advice centre straight away and an Advisor can support you with the implications of this.

I’m having issues with the state of my accommodation, how do I resolve these?

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure their accommodation is habitual and tenants have the responsibility of reporting any issues straight away. In the first instance, we always advise contacting the landlord or letting agent to inform them of the issues. If the issues do not get resolved within a reasonable time frame, please contact the Advice Centre for support from an Advisor.

I need to find a replacement tenant, is there anywhere I can post an advert?

The WSU host a Housemates Wanted forum for students to advertise their accommodation, you can access this here.

Some letting agents may also advertise on your behalf, usually for a fee.

My housemate hasn’t paid their rent and the landlord is now asking me to pay, what do I do?

How to approach this depends on the type of tenancy that you have signed. Please contact the Advice Centre straight away and an Advisor will be able to give specific advice.

I don’t agree with the deductions my landlord has taken from my deposit, can I challenge these?

Your deposit should be protected in a government approved scheme by law and this scheme will have a process by which you can challenge your deductions. If you are unsure whether your deposit has been protected, please get in touch with the Advice Centre as soon as possible.

I’ve had a bad experience, is there any way I can tell other students?

Rate Your Landlord is run by Warwick SU and is a website for students to publish reviews of their agents and landlords to share their housing experiences. Leave a review for your property to help other students make positive renting decisions.

I’ve had a great experience! How can I recommend my agent or landlord to other students?

Rate Your Landlord is run by Warwick SU and is a website for students to publish reviews of their agents and landlords to share their housing experiences. Leave a review for your property to help other students make positive renting decisions.