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Other sources of support

What other support is available on Campus for students affected by hate crimes or incidents?

Being subjected to any form of abuse can be traumatic and cause fear or anxiety, everyone’s response will be different and will often be influenced by their life experiences.

It is therefore very important that affected students know that there is a lot of support available to them on campus. Details of University Support Services can be found here:

Affected students need to tell their department about what has happened as there may be an impact on their studies.

Usually, a student should be directed to their Personal Tutor or the Departmental Senior Tutor. Details about the University Guidance on Mitigating Circumstances can be found by clicking here.

Also, see the University page on Hate Crime at:

If after having read this you would like further information or support, please contact the SU Advice Centre and we will do our best to help you.