NUS Totum

Top Tips for Success

  • Join your Academic Society! They’re full of people on your course who can give advice, while many run mentoring schemes.
  • Keep on top of your reading – don’t let it all pile up, or it will feel unmanageable.
  • Keep reviewing your notes - it makes revision much easier at the end of the year.
  • Make use of your lecturers’ office hours – this is your chance for one-to-one time.
  • ASK QUESTIONS – seminars, labs and tutorials are the place to question everything, so do! Debate with your colleagues and quiz the tutor.
  • Make your views heard! If you are given an opportunity to give feedback, give it!
  • Join your SSLC as a Course Rep – the Student-Staff Liaison Committees allow you to make changes to your course directly. Run in the elections to represent your course at the start of Term 1.
  • Eat well – while it’s tempting to live off toast and Pot Noodles, the food we eat plays a big part in our health and wellbeing.
  • Exercise! There’s loads of clubs, teams and classes available through Warwick Sport.
  • Enjoy it! Your degree only lasts a few years, so try to savour every moment before it’s over.