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Disciplinary Proceedings

If you are involved in any incident that is investigated under the Disciplinary Regulations, we would recommend getting advice as early on in the process as possible. The SU’s Advice Team is able to offer confidential, impartial and independent advice to help you to understand the process or their implications.

When the University decides that an incident or a student’s conduct may need to be investigated within their disciplinary regulations, the usual procedures are:

  • You should be notified in writing of the allegation they are investigating, including whether it is being treated as a major or minor offence, or whether they are undecided about which level it is and want to investigate this further.
  • You will be invited to attend a meeting, and told the purpose of the meeting. The initial meeting is often to investigate the incident and establish the facts. Before attending this meeting, you should be told where you can get support and help, and we would recommend that you do get advice on what is going to happen. If you have been told you are being considered under the major disciplinary procedure, we would strongly recommend taking someone with you to any meetings.
  • How the matter proceeds after the initial meeting will depend on the seriousness of the allegation. In the case of a minor breach, the process might end with an informal meeting or, in the case of a serious allegation, it could progress to a major disciplinary hearing. Understanding the situation as early as possible will help you navigate the procedures to hopefully get the best outcome possible.

If you do end up in a major disciplinary hearing, make sure you get proper advice about how to represent yourself. The SU Advice Team is experienced in this area, and is here to help you navigate the process.