From teaching languages in local schools to performing  different cultural dances or music in local care homes for the elderly, Warwick Volunteers can support you with your internationalised voluntary efforts in the local community.

In addition Warwick in Africa is a well-established innovative, philanthropically funded programme, developed over eight years from a small student volunteering project to a multi-layered programme which supports learners, highly talented learners and their teachers with Maths and English education in South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana. Over 160,000 learners have benefited so far. Its fundamental aim is to enhance the education of young people in Africa, a direct route to liberation from poverty.

The Warwick Laksh Project is a collaborative project with the Laksh Foundation near Delhi, India. Over the last three years, Warwick has worked closely with the foundation , developing the project from a pilot scheme with just three Warwick students helping out in one teaching centre to a programme that now sees multiple groups of Warwick students volunteering for a month a time during the summer vacation, across a wide network of five schools in the community, collectively providing extra curricular tutorial classes in maths and English to 200+ pupils ages 3-18 as well as supporting the local teachers through introducing innovative methods of teaching and learning.

Finally the British Council offers a multitude of programmes for international volunteering during University vacation times and for graduates.