Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the ultimate international experience – offered by 25 departments– and this portal describes what steps you can make in order to take your studies overseas. To see where you can go check out this page (for destinations by department), this page (for destinations by country), or this page (for postgraduates).

At Warwick there are many opportunities to build a period of study or work abroad into your degree. We have exchange programmes with many prestigious universities across the globe including Europe, North and South America, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

We also take part in the ERASMUS exchange scheme – the European Union’s student mobility programme that allows eligible students to spend between three months and two years studying in a European university or undertaking a work placement in an EU country. If you choose to study abroad through ERASMUS, you will not have to pay fees in the host institution and you may also be eligible for a grant.

There are also other opportunities to take part in programmes such as summer schools and exchanges.

The British Government also organises study and work abroad programmes for students. To find out more, click the tab below.