There are so many different ways in which you can have a truly global experience – either right here on campus or overseas - while increasing your international outlook and developing your intercultural competence.

Check out this short video to find out more about the GoGlobal vision and see how you can get involved.

Fancy more information?  Don’t hesitate to drop an email to either Olly Rice in the Students’ Union or  Poonam Dave in the International Office. You can also follow GoGlobal on Twitter via @warwickgoglobal, and on Facebook.

What is Go Global?

Go Global is an initiative brought to you by the Students’ Union, the University International Office, and the Centre for Applied Linguistics. As the central hub of all international activities on campus it aims to make sure you get the most out of your time at Warwick – so that you can leave the University as an internationally enriched global graduate, ready to travel and explore the world or embrace an international career (at home or abroad).

Why Go Global?

This is a unique opportunity

Meeting, socialising and working with people from all around the world and learning about new cultures can be hugely transformative, exciting, and fun. It will never be easier than when you are at University!

It’s useful

Going Global at Warwick will give you a real career advantage. According to the National Centre for Universities and Business, employers  want “graduates that not only just have expertise a particular discipline, but have a better, more rounded cultural awareness.” – Aaron Porter, Director of External Affairs. Employers prize the ability to work in multicultural teams but also look for students to be able to articulate the learning they gained from their study abroad/internationalisation at home experiences and to explain how these would be useful in a multicultural work setting . Read more about the Career benefits of internationalising your University education here.

Most importantly… it could change your life

Making the most of international opportunities at Warwick can really shape the journey your life will take. By Going Global and widening your international horizons you will leave Warwick with truly global opportunities. You’ll be equipped to work at home or anywhere in the world, with a multitude of different cultures. You might even be able to travel and explore – discovering parts of the world you’d never have dreamt of, and learning more about the cultures you had encounters with at Warwick.

How Do You Go Global?

Studying abroad is the ultimate Global experience, open to students from 25 different departments. But the great thing about Warwick is the outstanding range of international activities you can also get involved in on campus.

So, if studying abroad isn’t for you, don’t worry – you don’t have to go far to Go Global!