Saturday Session is all about a celebration of the weekend! You've relaxed all day, you've got nothing to do tomorrow, so come and play!

Our resident DJ will provide a playlist of the biggest bar-friendly party starters - new and old. Expect a whole load of disco, RnB, dancefloor-friendly hip-hop and all sorts of eclectic jazzy surprises.

Cocktail Menu

As ever, The Terrace Bar's luscious cocktail menu will be on hand to lubricate:


Mojito:  A classic refreshing blend of lime, mint and sugar mixed with rum.

Bacardi Daiquiri: Delectably smooth combination of rum, strawberries, lime and mint.

Bacardi Bramble: Botanical bliss! Classic combination of hedgerow blackberries blended with Sicilian lemon juice - one for all the gin lovers!

Gin Woo Woo: A taste of summer! Vodka with strawberry and peaches, mixed with cranberry juice and zesty lemons.

Vodka Margarita: Classic tequila based cocktail, packed with citrus lime, and orange flavours.

All Funkin' Mixers: £4


Home made pink lemonade: Perfect summer cooler! Lemon, sugar syrup, cranberry, soda

Virgin elderflower mojito:  Refreshingly sharp and sweet. Mint, lime, elderflower cordial, soda

Terrace Bar Sunset: Sit back on the balcony and enjoy. Orange, pineapple, grenadine

All Mocktails: £3

Shisha @ the Terrace Bar

Shangri-La Shisha provides the very best in nicotine-free shisha experiences for students, chillers, procrastinators and everyone in between. 

With unlimited coal top-ups, free disposable mouth tips, blankets and a large assortment of flavours to brag about, your visit is sure to be an enjoyable one!

Our shisha is 100% tobacco, nicotine and tar-free, so the only thing you’ll get addicted to is socialising with new people. Not to worry though, this does not change the quality of your shisha and you will still experience awesome flavour with incredible smoke clouds! 

Find us in The Terrace Bar, Friday and Saturday night and most Thursday nights!

Top 5 Sights & Sounds

  1. A more mature vibe in a relaxed setting
  2. A down-to-earth eclectic playlist
  3. Our lovely Chesterfield-style booths!
  4. Lovingly-kept foreign beers
  5. Closer by Lulu James – track of 2013