Club and Society Events

Club and Society Events

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ChemSoc Meet and Greet!
23rd September 12:30pm - 1:30pm
B2.02 and B2.04/5
Come and meet fellow course mates and the exec!
ChemSoc IKEA trip!
23rd September 2pm - 5pm
Meet at Bus Interchange
Venture in to Coventry and explore the amazing IKEA, spend way to much on pointless items and have great afternoon!
ChemSoc Big STEM Social
23rd September 8pm - 1am
Copper Rooms 2
ChemSoc STEM Football tournament
24th September 3pm - 6pm
Warwick Piano PianoSoc Chill-Out Taster Session
24th September 5pm - 7pm
Warwick Arts Centre - Ensemble Room
Join us in the Ensemble Room to hangout, socialize, and play your favorite songs ?? Our chill-out session is a regular social that we have where members can gather together to share our love of music and play some pieces.
Warwick Mind Aware Societies fair
25th September 10am - 5pm
Sports Hub
WUDS Welcome to WUDS: An Introduction and Info Meeting
25th September 6pm - 7pm
Welcome to WUDS' first Welcome Week Event! This is an informal meeting where you will meet the exec and be given all the information you need to know about how to get involved in Warwick Drama!
Warwick Mind Aware Pledge for Pizza
26th September 2pm - 4pm
Piazza zone 4
Enactus Warwick Society Mini Innovation Hub Challenge (OC1.04) Enactus Warwick
26th September 3pm - 4:30pm
Whether your passion is tackling food waste, improving the livelihoods of refugees, raising awareness about menstrual health in India or something competently different. At Enactus Warwick, we believe in entrepreneurial action to change the world for
French Society French Society: Terrace Bar Welcome Drinks
26th September 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Terrace Bar
French Society is hosting welcome drinks for freshers and all returning students studying French! Drop in to meet the exec and your new course mates.
Enactus Warwick Society The Consulting Challenge (OC1.04) Enactus Warwick
26th September 5:30pm - 7pm
CALLING OUT ALL INNOVATIVE MINDS! Join us for Enactus' first consulting challenge of the year. Put your creativity, innovative thinking and presentation skills to the test and stand a chance to be offered a position at Enactus Warwick Consulting. Mee
Warwick Mind Aware Coffee catch up
27th September noon - 2pm
French Society French Society: A Study Guide
27th September 2pm - 3pm
R0.12 (Ramphal Building Ground Floor)
French Society presents a guide on how to thrive in your first year
Warwick Strings Warwick Strings Performance
27th September 2pm - 3:30pm
Woods-Scawen room, Arts Centre
Come along to listen to a performance by Warwick Strings, find out how you can take part, and meet the members!
ChemSoc Intro to Leam
27th September 4pm - 7pm
Meet at Bus Interchange
From Viallis to the Learning Grid, clothing shops to Wetherspoons, we will show you what Leamington Spa has to offer!
Harry Potter and Quidditch Society Quidditch Taster 1
28th September 2pm - 4pm
Meet on the Piazza Steps. We will then all walk to the field.
Come along and try Quidditch! Open to all.
Warwick Aerospace Rocket Building & Drone Flying
28th September 2pm - 4pm
OC1.01 and OC1.02
Join Warwick Aerospace Society for 2 hours of flying drones, building your own rocket and socialising.
Harry Potter and Quidditch Society Sorting Ceremony
1st October 7pm - 9pm
Come along to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts Houses and meet current and new members of the Society.
Harry Potter and Quidditch Society Quidditch Taster 2
2nd October 2pm - 4pm
Meet on the Piazza Steps. We will then all walk to the field.
Come along and try Quidditch! Open to all.
Warwick Mind Aware Drinks night
3rd October 7pm - 9pm
Terrace Bar
Warwick Mind Aware Volunteers fair
4th October 10am - 3:30pm
Panorama (Rootes)
Warwick Mind Aware Games mixer
10th October 6pm - 8pm
Lib 1
Warwick Mind Aware Roller blading/ice skating
26th October 6:30pm - 8pm
Off campus

Room Hire

If you're organising an event for your club or society, need somewhere to rehearse or simply want to hire somewhere for a social; we have the space for you.

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