WTV trip to the BBC

WTV trip to the BBC

For all of you interested in the wonderful world of media there is no better place to go than the heart of British broadcasting, the BBC. So that's exactly where WTV plans to take you!


Media City, now the heart of media for the UK, is home to not only the BBC, but ITV's nothern base, a whole host of independent film and TV companies, and also a vast array of both local and national radio stations, including the bulk of the BBC network. It is also brand spanking new, and looks the part, with the latest in technology and best minds in media all contributing to a truly modern production hub, one that has fast become a model for many countries around the world. It promises to not just be a great learning experience, but a fun day out and about, learning about how the professionals in this ever changing industry carry out their roles to create the best content they can. Come along, what else are you going to do on a sunday?


We will be getting a coach up to Media City UK, a guided tour of the facilities there (both television and radio), and the chance to ask questions relating to the BBC, jobs, or media in general (whether TV, radio, or the BBC's ever growing new network for any budding journos out there). We will then be coaching back down. There will be pick ups and drop offs in Leamington and on Campus (the price includes all transport, and the tour cost). You do not need to be a WTV member to attend, just keenly interested in all forms of media, or eager to learn more about a fascinating and vibrant industry.


As an aside, some of you have raised some queries about the price, and I know as students that budgeting is very important and £19 on one purchase is a luxury. However, as well as the fact that the trip will be excellent, I will break down the cost so you appreciate that it actually represents good value for money. The tour itself is £6 per student, and we have organised and booked it all for you. That means that the remaining £13 represent return travel to and from Salford, including stops both on campus and in Leamington. Cheaper than the return train fares getting to Birmingham, Manchester, and ultimately Salford (a quick search just now placed it at around thirty pounds). We are sorry it is so pricey, but hope that upon looking at the broken down price you see that it is good value for money, and hope that you will join us for this exciting trip to an exciting organisation!

Event Details

Sunday 03 March 2013

08:00 - 15:00

Media City, Salford


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