WarMUN 2018

WarMUN 2018

Now in it's 11th year, the Warwick MUN Conference is back, with the overarching theme of the Conference:

Sovereignty vs Self-Determination

WarMUN 2018 will be one of the best editions yet, with two exciting Crisis branches, one imagining the world squashed under the Fascist jackboot following the Axis victory in WW2, the other focusing on the Kashmir crisis in the near future.

Returning to its roots as the first total-crisis conference in the country, WarMUN XI will accommodate many levels of intensity in its crisis committees, capable of challenging even the most experienced Crisis Delegates, while allowing newly forged participants to enter the fray.

Security Council: The Kashmiri Crisis

The UN Security Council has been attempting to solve the Kashmir conflict since 1948, but with a P5 member and two bitter enemies disputing the same land, the UN has succumbed to failure after failure in resolving the crisis. Set in the near future, Delegates of this hybrid Security Council will have to reckon with the destructive power of nuclear weapons and devastating losses of life in the region, and solve the problem that has plagued diplomats for decades, before it escalates to something far larger and deadlier.

1962 - Alternative History: The Axis Victory

The Allies had lost the war, but the spirit of hope was never quashed beneath the jackboot of fascism. The world has been stripped of freedom, but rebellion is whispered at every corner, and the Axis struggles to keep its territories in check. Inspired by The Man in the High Castle, the Crisis Branch will pit Delegates against each other, either as the totalitarian victors of WW2 aiming to finally achieve world domination, or as the brave revolutionaries rebelling against the superpowers that still reign over the lands they conquered 40 years ago.

Event Details

Friday 16 February 2018

2pm - 5pm

Social Sciences, University of Warwick

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