The year is 212AL and after 16 years of peace the realm is in a perilous state. The Blackfyre Rebels may have been dealt with, but in the years since Westeros has been ravaged by plague, drought, Ironborn raids and kin-slaying within the royal family. Now King Aerys I sits in isolation in his study, leaving the governance of the realm to his Hand Brynden Rivers, the Bloodraven, and his brother Prince Maekar Targaryen. The Royal Court has proven impotent in the face of the murderous Ironborn King Dagon Greyjoy and the Great Houses along the western coast lose lives and wealth to the seareavers ever day. As rumours of King Aerys’ ill health circulate and the royal household eye the sickly and insane heir Prince Rhaegel, the rest of Westeros look to their own affairs and begin to prepare. The Summer that began at the end of the Great Spring Sickness is now two years old and, as the days begin almost inpercepitably to shorten, the time comes when men across Westeros begin to mutter the words of House Stark:

Winter is Coming.  

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Welcome to GoTMUN 2017, an attempt to bring the political tensions, feuding and diplomacy of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series to the world of Model UN Crisis. Dreamt up by great fans of the books, the TV show and of MUN Crisis, we are putting a lot of work into preparing this conference, insuring that you will benefit from an exquisite experience.

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Event Details

Friday 24 November 2017

2pm - 4pm

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