Warwick LINKS Volunteering Trip to Morocco

Warwick LINKS Volunteering Trip to Morocco

For those of you who are interested in doing some volunteering abroard, getting some work experience or boosting your CV in general we are going to be doing a volunteering trip to Morocco's capital Marrakesh. While there we will be working with underprivileged and orphaned children for a week. 

We will be going from the 1st July to the 8th July, during which we will work during the 5 weekdays then be able to relax at the weekend for 2 days exploring the city and sightseeing before we head back to the UK on the Sunday. 

The company we are going with is called original volunteers (http://www.originalvolunteers.co.uk/) if any of you are interested in reading about what they do. The costs for the trip are pretty much as follows:

Company booking : £95 (lasts for 1 year so you will not have to pay this again if you decide to do another project with them on your own)

Project fee : £125 (includes accommodation but not meals!)

Flights: Return Flights including all the extra fees will be £200

Travel insurance: You guys will need to get this for your self, it looks like you can get this for around £6-9 for a basic travel insurance cover with more fancy plans costing you proportionately more. travelinsurance.co.uk is an example of a good place to start looking, with basic cover for £8.52

Food: £25-35 this depends how much you think you will eat while there, according to the company there are plenty of cheap places to eat around the city. However I would advise taking a bit more than this again to pay for buying bottled water. Dont trust the taps for anything but cleaning your hands!

Other: If you want to take money to go shopping at the weekend then you are more than welcome and the amount you choose to take is entirely at your discretion. 

Event Details

Sunday 01 July 2012

00:00 - 00:00

Marrakesh, Morocco


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