Muhammad (PBUH): A mercy to mankind- DIW 2013

Muhammad (PBUH): A mercy to mankind- DIW 2013

“And We have not sent you (O Muhammad ) but as a mercy to the world" (21:107)

Who is this man, this Prophet? Why does the Qur'an claim that he was sent as a mercy to the worlds? 

What is this mercy we refer to? Why is he a mercy to mankind?

These are the questions that have tormented the minds of the greatest intellectuals. This talk aims to shed a light on this man who brought the religion Islam to this world. 

What is so special in this man that today the religion that he preached is the fastest growing religion in the world? What is his contribution to mankind?

H0.52, Humanities Building, ENTRY IS FREE 

The talk will be livestreamed on

Event Details

Thursday 28 February 2013

18:00 - 20:00



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