DofE Training Weekend 2018

DofE Training Weekend 2018

In Week 7, we will be going to the Brecon Beacons for a weekend of walking, camping and pubbing; this will be the opportunity for you to put your skills, acquired in the Training Sessions, into practice!

This is a relaxed weekend, open to everyone. It is, however, compulsory for those who plan to complete their Gold DofE with us (unless you have completed a Silver DofE Expedition, but we'd still recommend you pop along for navigational tip-top-top-ups).

You will be walking in groups supervised by experienced DofExperts and Exec, so there will be no need to worry if you have never used a map or compass before!

The cost of this trip covers transport, bunkhouse fees, group equipment and a Saturday evening meal.

Event Details

Friday 23 February 2018

6pm - 8pm

Brecon Beacons

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