Rosie Kohl ZILLS workshop!

Rosie Kohl ZILLS workshop!

Introduction to Zills arranged by Warwick Belly Dance, 11-1 pm (All levels) - £10

The lovely Rosie Kohl is coming to Warwick on the 25th of November 2017 to lead a workshop on zills! ALL LEVELs are welcome! Workshop will be held in the IKEA Room, next to the pharmacy in the SU, from 11 am -1 pm. This workshop is ideal for you if you want to challenge yourself as a dancer or try something completely new! The link to buy tickets will be available soon! xxx

Ever wanted to learn zills but didn’t know where to start? This workshop will be a great introduction to what most consider an essential bellydance prop. The skills you gain from learning zills are immense – from better technique and improved musicality to a hugely fun way to just make some noise, zills are a fabulous addition to any dancer’s repertoire.
This workshop will focus on three or four fundamental patterns, how to add them to your dance, how to drill them and when it’s appropriate to use them, ending in a fun danceable combination to play with in your personal practice. What may seem like a daunting instrument at first will soon become a much-loved part of your dance routine. Seriously, these things rock.
This workshop will involve some light conditioning, lots of drills, and a cool down for upper body flexibility. Bring zills if you have them!


Event Details

Saturday 25 November 2017

11am - 1pm

Ikea room, SU

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