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Candidate for the position of Education Officer

Image for Liam Jackson

Liam Jackson

Liam for Education

Fighting for a university that puts your student experience first



  1. Study Space Finder App
  2. Tackling Hidden Course Costs
  3. Wellbeing Centre in the Heart of Campus
  4. Continuing the Fight for Lecture Capture
  5. Opposing cuts and Fee Rises



  • Education exec chair (2016-17), member (2015-16)
  • UG Arts Faculty Rep
  • Social Sec, Politics Society
  • Publicity Officer, Campaigning Society


Teaching Quality


Create a standardised, transparent and enhanced teaching and learning experience:


  • An Enhanced Module Choice System with university-wide module fairs in Week 0 and better ‘Rate My Module’ including peer-to-peer advice and feedback
  • Tackling hidden course costs by providing a free minimum of printer credits and more online resources including core texts
  • Continued roll-out of lecture capture ensuring it is available in every module at all times and providing teaching staff with the necessary resources and advice 
  • Equal Treatment for students on joint degrees, years-abroad, 2+2 degrees and distance learners by securing positions on departmental SSLCs and standardising communication processes across the university


Study Spaces:


Ensure students have substantial and appropriate study spaces:


  • A dedicated study space finder app alongside timetable displays outside all rooms letting every student see which seminar rooms are free for use
  • Increased study spaces in existing buildings on campus by co-operating with Estates to install desks and power sockets wherever possible
  • More study spaces in every new building on campus by working together with the university in the consultation stages for buildings such as the new Humanities Building and second library
  • An Expanded Learning Grid with more study spaces and longer opening hours allowing more people to study off campus at more flexible times


Put welfare provision at the heart of student life:

  • Dedicated wellbeing drop-in spaces in every major academic building and the library
  • A new wellbeing centre in the heart of campus providing accessible support and advice regarding student welfare and mental health
  • A student wellbeing officer in each department or faculty across the university and better pastoral training for personal tutors
  • Lobbying for sleeping and relaxation facilities on campus to improve student wellbeing during stressful periods in university life

Access and Equality:


Fight for a fairer, more liberated education on campus and beyond:


  • Support campaigns against unfair employment practices to improve the working conditions of casual employees on campus – such as your teachers
  • Opposition to all rises in fees as well as cuts in funding, protecting access to higher education for all regardless of their socio-economic background
  • Lobbying for a liberated curriculum free from bias and in constant consultation with students across all university departments
  • Protect International Students’ Rights by providing clarification and support for EU students in light of an impending Brexit and campaigning against extortionate international fees




End the imbalance between the undergraduate and postgraduate student experience:


  • More bursaries for post-graduate students to stop the financial barrier to education beyond undergraduate studies
  • Decent pay for post-graduate students who teach to ensure they are fairly-paid for class preparation, teaching and marking of assessments 
  • More study spaces dedicated to post-graduate students in existing and especially new buildings on campus including the new Humanities Building and second library


Careers and Future:


Broaden the careers advice offered by the university:


  • More varied employers at careers fairs by inviting large NGOs and charities alongside corporations
  • Liberation-orientated careers fairs catered to minority groups within the student community – such as LGBTUA+ and BAME
  • Involvement of academic societies in careers fairs keeping fairs relevant by including employers that students want


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