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Candidate for the position of Societies Officer

Silkie Cragg

Vote Silkie for Socs

Who am I?
Hi, I’m Silkie, a PPE student, with 4 years' worth of SU experience, and I really want to be your Societies Officer!
Warwick’s track record with Societies is great – we have over 250 – but we’re missing something. It’s time our societies were encouraged to raise much, much more money for charity. If Loughborough RAG can raise £1million, so can we!
I’m also proposing a range of ideas to improve how societies are run – including a rewards system, better marketing, increased storage space, and more rehearsal/practice space.
Check out the details below!
  • We can all do more to raise money for charity. It’s about time we mobilised our 250+ societies so that this happens
  • Loughborough RAG can raise £1million a year. With Warwick RAG and the other 250+ societies fundraising, SO CAN WE!
  • Reforming current policy so that we can donate to charities based overseas (this is currently not the case!)
  • Learning from/working in collaboration with Warwick HUB and RAG so that we raise awareness of all charitable issues and do much more to fundraise for them
  • Mobilising Hall Socs so that through competition, together we can raise more money than ever before
  • Staging a massive music and performance event raising money for a charity in conjunction with OneWorldWeek and all performance societies – think LIVEAID@Warwick...
  • Expanding Warwick Volunteers’ “Big Weekend” so that we mobilise as many students as possible to go out into the local community and help where it matters
  • Taking the fight for the SU to facilitate fundraising to NUS level
  • I won’t promise what I can’t deliver. It would be wrong to promise more space but we can be using the space we already have far more effectively
  • Portable wall mirrors will transform the Copper Rooms into a large, flexible and bright space for dance societies – a small cost for a great improvement
  • Spaces in the Theatre Department and in Milburn House need to be made more accessible to performance societies – they should not be locked in the evenings
  • Fighting Societies’ corner so that there’s more space to put up posters, with no threat of them being taken down
  • Consulting councils in Leamington, Coventry and Earlsdon to get advertising space provided for all – subsidised by the SU
  • It’s ironic that Warwick SU should be a hub of student activity, yet not a single poster goes up in the Atrium in order not to spoil the paintwork – this space needs to be reclaimed by all societies!
  • Increasing the number of billboards throughout the entire SU
  • FREE advertising for society events on billboards outside the Union, and reduced prices for advertising on Plasma Screens in the atrium
  • Provision of a “Marketing Toolkit” for societies who want help and ideas to put themselves out there
  • Advertising, free of charge, the  top 5 society events of the fortnight, through Socs Fed emails and billboards outside the SU - like WarwickSport's One To Watch
  • Celebrating societies’ talents through a Societies Tent at The Summer Party – where we can put on performances, comedy, and so on
  • The Awards Ceremony is an excellent idea but there’s not enough recognition throughout the year for the great work that our societies do
  • ....which is why Societies Federation needs much more sponsorship – helping the SU help YOU
  • Through increased sponsorship, I’ll set up an Incentive Scheme – financially rewarding societies’ hard work throughout the year, where appropriate
  • ...and a Review System so that execs and I can go through objectives and deadlines, and reflect on these as the year goes on
Welfare, Charity, Action and Campaigning Societies
  • We can learn from the incredible work these societies do to improve the world around us, in order to encourage other societies to raise more money for charity and volunteer in the local community
  • Offering the Atrium to host guest speakers/campaigning events – with huge marketing behind each one – to ensure big, diverse audiences
  • Putting Charity and Campaigns at the heart of WarwickSU through a massive increase and improvement of marketing so that we can develop a stronger sense of what it means to lobby, challenge, transform, and give
Academic Societies
  • Getting official academic society representation in SSLC Meetings
  • Offering the Atrium to host guest speakers – for more interactive and providing a more diverse audience – at minimum cost to the society
  • Work with the Careers and Skills departments increase the provision of discipline-specific careers events
  • Academic language societies are struggling to attract members who are not home students. I’ll help cultural and academic societies collaborate far more effectively
Food and Drink Societies
  • Overcoming Health and Safety regs by running Food Hygiene courses so that societies can use the SU to stage events
  • Staging a huge Food Festival in the Atrium, with external sponsorship, to ensure that every society can show-off and celebrate the food they love
Cultural, Performance, and Music Appreciation
  • Expanding the current fortnightly International Night with input from every single cultural society and in collaboration with other societies, whether performance, academic, religious, and so on!
  • Ensuring we raise money for charity through all cultural, performance-based and musical activity, throughout the year
  • Working with The Arts Centre to negotiate a good price for improved marketing, reducing the burden on societies and making sure shows are advertised all over campus rather than just in the SU
Activities and Games Societies
  • Societies’ Fair doesn’t give you all enough room to show off – so let’s transform the Atrium and piazza now and again in term 1 so that you can demonstrate what you’re all about, and increase membership
Media Societies
  • Get the ball rolling on an integrated website for ALL media societies
  • Ensuring better distribution of the Boar through collaboration with shops in Leam/Cov/Earlsdon and on the U1/12
  • Organisation of workshops and consultations for all those who want to pursue a career in the media
  • Creation of an interactive media/studio space in the SU so that we have a one-stop-shop for TV, Radio and the news
Religious and Belief Societies
  • Looking into working with other Universities to stage bigger events
  • Investigating and consulting on the potential of an Inter-Faith Convention - we could even do this in collaboration with other Universities...
  • ...and could get the local and national press on board too. Let’s do it properly!
Hall Societies
  • Great to see their introduction this year but there’s loads more to be done!
  • Regular structured meetings with Hall Reps and The Advice Centre to sort out any accommodation/welfare issues
  • Introductions of year-long competitions – competing in sports and through fundraising
  • Work to establish similar schemes for students living in Leamington and Coventry
  • Heard of WIDS, The Economics Summit, OneWorldWeek Form, or Emerging Markets Forum? They’re fantastic events, but need support from the SU!
  • Starting with a Summits Working Group as soon as possible – ensuring that the execs running Summits don’t have to go it alone
  • Liaising with the local and national press to ensure outstanding coverage
  • Whilst the SU’s door is always open, many societies don’t know where to do and what to do when they start-up... so I’ll create a “How-To” guide to get things started – eg websites, events, finance, and advertising
  • Improvement of the online exec hubs – we have the software and it won’t take much to improve the way it works
  • Strongly encouraging the merit of fundraising from the very beginning, with help from Warwick HUB and RAG
  • EXEC – WORLD@WARWICK 2011/12
  • EXEC – WARWICKSNOW 2009/10 
  • SU TRUSTEE – 2011/12 
  • PPE SSLC SECRETARY 2008/9, CHAIR 2009/10
  • 1 MTW SHOW 2008/9


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