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Candidate for the position of Trans Students’ Officer



(Poster background is the trans flag (blue, pink, white, pink and blue stripes horizontally in that order. Text on the poster is in a slightly lighter coloured text box with a red border.)

Alex Lythall For Trans Officer

(There is a picture of a man in a pink shirt, holding a black, brown and grey striped cat to the left of the text).

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm a queer trans man. I'm running for re-election as Trans Students' Officer because I care passionately about trans rights, and know there is so much more we can do at Warwick and beyond.

So far this year, I have:
• Ran a series of workshops for staff and students on trans awareness, attended by over 60 students and 100 staff.
• Organised and ran Trans Awareness Week in October.
• Attended LGBTUA+ Taskforce Meetings
• Invited Jess Bradley (NUS Trans Officer) and facilitated their workshop on Transmisogyny.


Manifesto Priorities

  • Tackle Hate Crime: Work with the local community, including local schools, to challenge transphobia and hate crime in the local area, as well as making hate crime reporting more accessible for trans students.
  • Challenge Cisnomativity on Campus: I will run a pronoun awareness campaign and providing pronoun badges to students and staff.
  • Preferred Name Usage: Pressure the university to change IT systems so that preferred names can be used in all possible situations.
  • Expand the Trans Awareness Workshop series:  Include sessions with Resident and Personal tutors, as well as other key teams.
  • Improve the SU GUM Clinic: Work with the visiting sexual health clinic at the SU to make it a more welcoming environment for trans students and the wider LGBTUA+ community.



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