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Candidate for the position of Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative



Vote Emma for UG Arts Faculty Rep

Who I Am and Experience

  • A second-year English Literature student
  • Chair and Second Year Course Rep on the English Department SSLC
    • Over the past 6 months, I’ve run two SSLC elections, surveyed over 100 English lit students, and lobbied for changes to the module selection process
  • Deputy Chair of Council at Warwick SU (sitting on the Democracy Exec)
    • Key knowledge of how the SU works and how it can help students
    • A good idea of how an exec would work and how to enact change
  • Exec member for a prominent political society

For A Stronger Democratic Voice in our Faculty

  • Making our voice heard on the Education Exec
  • Supporting our Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs)
    •  Making sure there’s consistent student voice in our departments
    • Support with transition – SSLC training tailored to the department
    • Active presence from your Faculty Rep in each department
  • Expanding communication between departments
    • Expanded Faculty Forum – engaging as many students as possible, on topics like Contact Hours, Choosing Modules, Hidden Costs, Liberation, Transition to University
    • Shared resources (surveys, guides, etc.)
    • A Facebook group for as many SSLC members as possible

We Deserve More

  • I believe in a free, accessible education for everyone – but as I can’t cut fees (yet!), I will fight against changes which hurt students and the faculty
    • Push Against increasing hidden costs – printing, books, materials (we are already paying upwards of £9,000pa)
    • Push Against staff cuts, casualisation and worse benefits – staff and students must stand together against the devaluation of our education
    • Push For more space, more transparency, more resources

For A Liberated and Accessible Faculty

  • Continue and expand the work of Liberate My Module in the Faculty, for instance demanding that academics think about the inclusion of diverse writers and texts when designing new modules and reading lists
  • Focus in on student experiences on harassment, discrimination and feeling out of place because of their background
    • The English Department has set up a committee and a staff role dedicated to this and I will make sure other departments are taking similar steps


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