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Candidate for the position of Undergraduate Social Sciences Faculty Representative (reserved for non-WBS student)

Image for Mr SAM POLHILL


Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my online manifesto:

Vote Sam for Social Sciences Faculty Rep

My pledges: 

  • Continue to push for electronic exams - Continue to look into the viability of rolling out electronic exams across the Social Sciences faculty, brigning exams into the 21st Century!
  • New Social Sciences Blog - To improve communication within the faculty, and ensure that SSLCs, students, and Warwick SU are more in-touch with one another. This would also provide a platform where SSLC minutes, faculty information, and - importantly - student comment pieces and questions, can be shared.
  • Introduce cross-faculty mentoring scheme - Allowing students from different departments and years to meet, to discuss topics and academic interests which fall outside of their undergraduate course. 
  • More collaborative faculty, welcoming diversity of views - Foster a faculty community which values a diverse range of opinions. Give more students the opportunity to participate in panel-style debates, and increase the number of cross-faculty social events.
  • Increased SSLC cohesion - Ensure that SSLCs across the faculty work more closely together, for instance through enabling course reps to sit-in on SSLC meetings from outside of their course, to better understand the overlap in the type of issues raised by students across the faculty. 

My experience:

  1. Worked as a National Union of Students (NUS) elected student delegate during 2016-17, gaining extensive experience defending students’ rights.
  2. A keen debater, and regularly attend Warwick Debating Society.
  3. Previously worked with the UK Youth Parliament and educational leaders to give students a voice - for instance, through trying to increase voter registration, and running campaigns to engage students in politics.

Get in touch...

For more information, and to follow my campaign, please head over to the FB event: Vote Sam for Social Sciences Faculty Rep

For fresh ideas, and a new perspective, please vote Sam for Social Sciences. 


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